Sanven Commercial Citrus Juicer Review

If you are looking for a specific solution to juice oranges or limes in any kind of volume then this is going to be the best product to suit your needs. Capable of juicing between 20-22 oranges per minute which translates into 4-7 cups of fresh juice per minute.  The Sanven Commercial Squeeze Juicer is perfect for small food producers as well as to serve freshly squeezed juice in a variety of environments from coffee shops to restaurantsSaven Juice Squeezer. Please feel free to read my full review to learn more about it  and the benefits to your business via the use of one of these machines.


The mechanics of this product are fairly clever and you can see how it works just by looking at the picture. Once the fruit falls down the feeding wire section the two main plastic wheels turn forcing the fruit over the middle section which does a great job of peeling. The two smaller rotational wheels just below which you see slightly off center squeeze the fruit allowing the juice to drip straight down to the catch tray. The left over pulp simple drops down into one of the two collection buckets. The catch tray can feed the juice into anything you require from a fresh glass to a bucket for manufacturing purposes.

All the work is done by the machine so it is simply a matter of loading the product into the top. The only downside I have found (and I have been using one of these for a couple of years now) is the odd occasion that you get an oversize orange or lime that blocks the feed tube assuming you have not sorted them before they are loaded. This is to prevent internal machine damage but ensuring the fruit is normal size the machine can just keep juicing.


As mentioned above the usual rate of production for this machine is an average of 21 oranges per minute which results in about 5 reasonable sized glasses. If you are planning to use the machine in a more industrial capacity then there are a couple of adjustments you need to think about.

1. The machine can run 24/7 but you will need a staff member to feed it and watch for any jams.

2. The buckets will fill up quickly so once again it will need to be monitored.

3. As with the buckets the juice will also fill and again containers will need to be switched.

Having said the above, with the machine capable of squeezing 21 per minute you can comfortably squeeze +-1250 per hour or around 10,000 over an 8 hour shift. Combine this up and you have a powerful machine that is capable of processing around 30,000 oranges or limes per day.

Cleaning is fairly simple as the front door opens and all the moving parts can be removed for proper cleaning and sanitizing. Once all the parts are removed the unit itself is very easy to clean as  well.

Saven RearSafety Features

There are some simple but standard safety features built in.

  • The machine will not operate without the cover locked in place
  • To avoid the motor overheating the power will be cut in the event of a jam
  • Case is made from high quality stainless steel


This machine runs entirely with plastic parts which is another great feature as there are none of the risks normally associated with using metal blades. Food safety is also improved as the lack of blades ensures no metal fillings can escape into the final product.


Overall, the Sanven Commercial Citrus Juicer is a highly recommended product for any eatery or small manufacturing business. If you need a solution to juice citrus in volume then this is an inexpensive option with low risk parts for food safety. To find out more, read further customer feedback or check out the current pricing then please visit offering safe and secure shopping.



Author: Steve

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