Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Review

As Masticating juicers go you will be hard pressed to find one with more power than this workhorse from Tribest. With its powerful motor and twin gear system this is the perfect machine for those that want to juice the harder stuff from wheat grasses to hard nuts. Keep reading our Tribest GSE5000 full review to find out all about it.


Greenstar are well known for building solid machines that work hard and produce great results. The GSE-5000 is no different and with its 110rpm motor and jumbo twin gear drive system there is nothing you would want to juice that the machine would struggle with. According to the manufacturer the results are better than other competing brands in that greater amounts (50% to 200%) of minerals (like Calcium, Iron and Zinc) are “squeezed” out resulting in healthier juices and a better end product.

GreenStar GSE5000

One of the secrets to the success of this machine are the screens that are included in the box. There are 4 different screens provided. Let’s take a look at what you get and what they are for.

  1. Fine Screen – Ensures maximum juice extraction with minimal pulp included
  2. Coarse Screen – Allows a little more pulp mixed in for a thicker bodied juice
  3. Homogenizing Blank – For general food processing
  4. Bread-stick (mochi) Maker- Allows you to prepare awesome raw rice-cakes or bread-sticks and much more

Other screens, like the Pasta Maker, are available to purchase separately.


Nylon GearAs we mentioned above this juicer can keep up with just about anything through sheer power. The word masticating is used to draw parallels to the way a human chews food by using different actions and teeth shapes at the same time. Examples of this would chewing, crushing and slicing simultaneously which allows us to break anything apart. The gearing system is made from a high quality stainless and to ensure the two gears do not come in contact with each other (which could cause metal fillings to drop loose) a nylon covering is applied which you can see in the image to the right. The actual gears themselves have bee designed to operate like human teeth which is better explained with a diagram as below.

MasticatingTo ensure you have maximum control a pressure adjustment system has been included. The enables you to juice a wide range of different fruits and vegetables without the usual clogging up inside the machine.  As different produce has different consistencies this is a key feature that makes a big difference.

A magnetic link has also been built in with bioceramics which the manufacturer claims enhances the amount nutrients gathered into the juice. The idea is that the magnets actually help the nutrients escape the pulp and other left over material by locking onto the water molecules in a specific way. I don’t fully understand that one but you can read more about it via this link.

To help you get the maximum out of the machine you receive the following inside the box – cleaning brush, plastic plunger, wooden plunger and a pitcher for your freshly processed juice.


The Greenstar Elite is a fantastic juicing machine that will ensure you get a healthy and nutritious juice each time you use it. The unit is known for its power and the fact it can process just about any material that you can think of with ease. You can read more, see what other customers have to say or get yours now at Amazon.


Author: Steve

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